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Mark Richardson 9/11/2016

“Oh man, he fixed my external hard drive and replaced the case for a cheap price.” 

Kelly B. 8/25/2016

“I actually saved myself $110 by visiting Robert, instead of fixing my laptop directly through Dell.” 

Jaime K.  8/1/2016

I dropped my computer off at his office and a day later it was fixed, for a very reasonable price!” 

Allen W.  8/1/2016

I called Robert late Sunday afternoon. To my surprise he responded quickly and we set up an appointment for Monday at 10:15AM.
robert  arrived 15 minutes early and set to work on my 5 year old toshiba Satellite. With unbelievable patience he waited for it to boot up and then set out to solve it's problems.
I explained that it was very, painfully slow.  He worked for 3 hours straight, without a break and discovered 62 malware and several other serious problems.
By the way,Toshiba said "Your laptops very old. You need to replace it. There's nothing we can do." 
Not only did Robert fix it, but he installed software apps to prevent these problems from occurring again. In addition he gave me several great suggestions to help me use my laptop to it's full potential. He explained that it just needed a tune up, etc. INCREDIBLE.
He was honest, helpful. understanding and very efficient.He saved me a fortune and made my day. I've already recommended him to a friend.
Thank you Robert. You're the best.

Heather K.  7/5/2016

Really great, thorough, fast and friendly service for my virus-infected PC. As I told Rob...I hoped I wouldn't have to use him for that reason again but at least I knew where to go if I did! Would happily recommend him to anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation!

Chin W.  5/14/2015

Robert was by far the nicest and most approachable computer guy we have ever met. He came to our business and setup our networking for our Dental Office and did an amazing job. Our original estimate from another place was $14,000 he did it for less than half that. He will be working on our home and business computers after the great job he did.

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