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Business Repair Services

Server Support
Does your small business need reliable on-call technical support for your Windows Server system? We can provide monthly server maintenance and support services. Is your company network operating without a server? Do you need to share files, Outlook contacts and calendars, Quickbooks or Peachtree accounting data, or host a FileMaker or SQL database? Want to setup a domain logon and limit user access to specific directories? We can design a custom server system that will meet your business needs without breaking the budget. If you've already got the hardware we can install and configure Windows Small Business Server 2008/2010 or provide support for your existing Windows Server. For businesses on a tight budget we can setup a network attached storage (NAS) server for centralized file access and backup. For businesses with 10 or less workstations this can save thousands of dollars while still offering much of the same functionality. 

Getting strange error messages? Has your computer started freezing, randomly restarting, or experienced a sudden decrease in speed? Does Windows freeze or go into a reboot loop when you start up your computer? Is your computer making loud clicking or whining noises? Whatever the symptoms, we can troubleshoot your system, find the cause, and fix it. [TOP]

Data Backup
How valuable is your data? This is a question many people unfortunately don't consider until it's too late. A hard drive crash can be devastating, whether you lose accounting data, e-mails, or a term paper. Laptop hard drives are particularly susceptible to overheating or physical trauma which may render the data unrecoverable. With external hard drives getting bigger and cheaper every year and new Blu-Ray and Dual Layer DVD burners becoming standard on new laptops and desktops, there's no reason to leave your data at risk. Don't wait until it's too late, get a reliable backup system in place now!

Wireless Networks
In the past few years the popularity of wireless networks has exploded, and not without good reason. When wireless networking was first introduced it was expensive, slow, buggy, and had serious security flaws. Now, with new offerings from Apple, Linksys, Netgear, and others, you can share your cable or DSL connection via a fast wireless-N access point or router. The new wireless-N standard provides faster transfer speeds as well as improved signal strength vs older G devices and is backwards compatible with wireless G devices. Wireless security standards have also improved greatly with new encryption schemes such as WPA2-TKIP (WiFi Protected Access) which address many of the security flaws found in the older WEP (Wi-Fi Equivalent Privacy) standard. In addition most new wireless access points and routers feature wireless MAC filtering, a feature whereby you can limit access to only approved wireless clients. You can also share USB or parallel printers wirelessly via a wireless print server which can be integrated into your existing wireless network. Alternative wireless technologies such as Bluetooth allow short-range wireless printing from Bluetooth enabled phones, PDAs, Cameras, and laptops. Many new printers also offer built-in WiFi connectivity and can be configured to join your wireless network for easy print sharing. Ready to go cable-free in 2011? Give us a call!

Firewall Configuration
Whether you are a home user or a business, a well configured firewall is an integral component of your network's security. Firewalls function as a buffer zone between your computer (or local network) and the Internet. When properly configured, a firewall can prevent hackers from remotely accessing your computer as well as protecting your network from common attacks such as Denial of Service (DoS). There are two types of firewalls: hardware and software. Most routers include a hardware firewall which protects your Local Area Network (LAN) from broad range external attacks and can be configured to forward external ports to the LAN for Remote Desktop and server hosting. Software firewalls such as those that come with Norton and McAfee's Internet Security suites, ZoneAlarm, and the Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 integrated firewalls, can be used in conjunction with a hardware firewall as added security for individual computers. A software firewall can be configured to allow only certain programs to access the Internet, preventing, for instance, a spyware application from "phoning home" with your personal data. If left unconfigured a software firewall can also be a nuisance, constantly asking users to allow or disallow Internet access for applications. 

Password Recovery
It seems like everything has a password or security code these days and with so many to remember it's no wonder that people occasionally forget their Windows logon password or the password they set for their Outlook e-mail a year ago. Luckily these passwords are easy to recover or reset in most instances. Whether you're locked out of Windows, forgot the password to your Excel or Word document, or need to recover a starred password (disguised by *****) stored in Internet Explorer or some other program, chances are we can help you. We may also be able to recover passwords for other types of programs and files; ask us and we'll let you know. 

Point of Sale Systems
Point of Sale (POS) systems are the fastest way to computerize your store, restaurant, or bar's inventory and cash register records system. With POS software from pcAmerica or other vendors, a barcode scanner, a receipt printer, and a touchscreen LCD display, you can turn an old desktop PC into an inventory and cash management solution for your new or expanding business. We can also provide support, including hardware upgrades and repairs, for existing POS machines from IBM, Dell, HP and others. 

Software Upgrades
Are you running outdated software? Still running Office 2003? Considering upgrading from Windows XP / Vista / 7 to the new Windows 8 operating system? There have been many improvements in functionality, security, and user interface in the new versions of Microsoft Office, Windows, Windows Server, and many other software products. Some upgrades are simple enough for regular users to apply them without help but major upgrades such as the switch from Windows XP to Windows 8 or from Office 2007 to 2013 can be tricky and often require reconfiguration and reinstallation of accompanying software. 

Data Recovery
Hard drive crashes can come suddenly and without warning. You may turn on your computer one day and receive an "Operating System not found", "Inaccessible Boot Disk", or similar error. Hard drives typically last 3 to 5 years before failing but can fail as soon as 6 months to 1 year depending on operating conditions or physical trauma. Even if your computer is still under warranty the manufacturer will not assist you in recovering your data, they will simply send you a new hard drive. Data recover labs charge steep fees typically ranging from $500 to $3000 and upwards. If mission critical data worth thousands of dollars is on the line, it may be worth it for you to pay the premium and go with a company like Ontrack or DTI Data. But for many individual users and small businesses, spending thousands of dollars on data recovery is simply not an option. Whether your notebook, desktop, or external hard drive has crashed, there's a good chance your data can be recovered utilizing sophisticated software analysis. Here at Perdido Key PC Repair we have successfully recovered accounting and Outlook data for small businesses, years worth of research and writing for graduate students, mp3 music libraries, personal photos, and even a security systems half terabyte of digital video. We can also recover accidentally or maliciously deleted files emptied from the Recycle Bin or deleted via other means. Not sure what happened or when it happened? Just tell us everything you know and we'll give you our honest opinion as to whether the data can be recovered. 

Data Transfer
Are you considering upgrading to a new desktop or laptop PC but need to have your data transferred over? Have you suffered a hard drive crash and need to restore your system from a backup drive or disks? Need to mirror data on one computer to another? Whatever your setup we can help you find the right method to transfer your data reliably and safely. [TOP] 

Looking to setup a home or office network to share files and printers? Want to host an FTP, Web, P2P File Sharing, or gaming server? Wired, wireless, or both, we can get your network on its feet whether it's just 2 PCs or a full business client-server network. We can also assist you in integrating iOS and Android wireless devices and tablets into your home or business network. [TOP] 

Remote Desktop Access
Do you run your own small business? Ever wished you could work from home, accessing your office computer just as though you were sitting in front of it? With cable or DSL Internet you can can access your office computer from home (or vice-versa) editing files, printing documents, and checking e-mails. There are several ways Remote Desktop access can be configured. If the computer you want to access remotely is running Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Business / Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Professional, you are provided with the option of enabling Remote Desktop Access via the Control Panel. Once access has been configured correctly you will be able to connect via the Remote Desktop Client. When you first logon you will see the Windows logon screen and be prompted to enter your username and password, once entered you will have full screen access to the host PC and will be able to switch between your local desktop and the remote one. You can also control your Windows computer from a Mac via the free Microsoft Remote Desktop client. For Mac to Mac remote desktop you can use the integrated Apple Remote Desktop Screen Sharing application. There are also many 3rd party clients, like the popular GoToMyPC service, that offer similar or enhanced functionality for Windows and Mac operating systems. [TOP] 

Windows 8 and Office 2013 
Released in late 2012, Windows 8 is Microsoft's attempt at merging a traditional desktop operating system with an OS designed for tablets and other touchscreen devices. While Windows 8 does offer some speed and security benefits over Windows 7, many users will have trouble adapting to it's radical redesign of the user interface. Unless you enjoy being on the cutting edge or have a touchscreen laptop or tablet which will enable you to make the most of the new OS's support for multitouch and gestures, you may wish to hold off on upgrading until some of the kinks are worked out. If you've purchased a new computer which came with Windows 8 preinstalled we can offer downgrades to Windows 7, however you will need to purchase or provide a retail license for Windows 7. Users of Microsoft Office who have not upgraded since the 2003 version should be ready for an especially steep learning curve with Office 2013 - Microsoft has continued the UI trend that started with Office 2007 and has largely replaced menus with a ribbon style pictoral interface which makes basic editing easier but hides more complex functionality behind a series of option menus. Businesses in particular may be concerned how new Windows 8 machines will integrate into their existing networks. End users may also be confused by the several flavors of Windows 8 available: Basic, Professional, Enterprise, and Windows RT which runs only on certain tablets and netbooks and cannot run programs designed for previous versions of Windows. Whether you've had Microsoft's new offerings forced on you by a new PC purchase, or you've chosen to upgrade, we can help smooth your transition and make sure you get the most out of the new Windows 8 and Office products. 

Outlook Migration
For many businesses Microsoft Outlook's contacts, e-mails, and calendar data is essential and irreplaceable. Unfortunately moving that data from one computer to another can be a confusing, frustrating task, especially if the new computer has a different version of Outlook than the one it's being transferred from. This is where we come in. We can make migrating Outlook data from one PC to another painless and swift so your employees can get back to work with all their information intact.

Plotter Setup
Engineers: considering purchasing a new plotter to better serve your clientele? We have experience setting up and troubleshooting HP and Océ plotters. We can also assist you in configuring remote access for your network ready Océ plotter. 

Wireless Printing
Have you ever wished you could share a centrally located printer between several computers on a home network, without having the printer tethered to one of the PCs? With a wireless print server or WiFi enabled printer you can do just that. If you already have wireless internet in your home or office it's a simple matter to add a wireless print server which will enable you to position your printer anywhere within the range of your wireless network. For those without wireless internet, you can jump two hurdles in one leap by purchasing a wireless router with an integrated print server, giving you both wireless internet and wireless printing capabilities. In addition to wireless print servers there are other wireless options such as Bluetooth, however these solutions have much more limited range than 802.11G/N wireless options.

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